Cleaning services Vancouver rates

Cleaning services Vancouver rates


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Vancouver cleaning services rates are very affordable, which makes cleaning services Vancouver very popular. Vancouver cleaning service prices depend on the cleaning company, its location in Metro Vancouver, and the cleaning requested. Some companies offer same-day cleaning or nightly cleaning while others may go only off cleaning once a week.

House Cleaning Prices and Rates

Most cleaning companies charge a cleaning fee per room. For example, a cleaning service might offer a two-bedroom apartment cleaning for $79/hour with 4 people working 3 hours. This company’s prices could end up being approximately $192 (rounded).

Cost of Weekly House Cleaning

Weekly cleaning in the city of Vancouver costs on average $140 for a studio apartment, $175 for 1-bedroom units, and $195 for 2 bedrooms. Bi-Weekly House Cleaning Services in Metro Vancouver costs an average of $95 per week for a studio apartment.

“Ceiling-to-Floor” Whole Home Cleaning Services

Ceiling-to-floor cleaning is a thorough cleaning that includes cleaning all windows, cleaning inside cupboards and appliances, cleaning baseboards on the walls (including behind furniture), dusting all surfaces; cleaning light fixtures; polishing furniture; cleaning screens; scrubbing bathrooms; moping floors.


Chimney Care & Fireplace Cleaning Cost

Professional cleaning of fireplaces costs $90-$125. The cost of cleaning the chimney is around $200-250. Meanwhile, cleaning and inspection of gas fireplaces can be completed for $80-$150 depending on the type of fireplace, natural or synthetic logs, and other factors.

Mold Remediation Costs

Mold remediation costs depend on the severity of the mold. Mild cases may require cleaning with bleach or other cleaning solutions and cost around $250-$400 to complete. Severe cases could involve a lot of cleaning, bleaching, and cleaning chemicals which can cost up to $1000 for a small area, such as a bathroom tile.


Move-out cleaning cost

The cleaning service price of an average move-out cleaning is $175. If the cleaning company charges by the hour, it might cost up to $200 for cleaning 5 hours’ worth of work.


How can I save money on home cleaning?

If you are looking for cleaning services Vancouver prices, use voucher codes to save money on cleaning services. Online cleaning service providers will usually offer coupon codes or cleaning discounts to gain new customers. The cleaning service company can also check if they have any special offers running. Many companies run limited-time offers that might allow the customer to save money on cleaning services.


How to Hire a Great Cleaner

When hiring cleaning services, make sure you hire a cleaning company that has the cleaning supplies and equipment needed to complete the job. The cleaners should also be fully insured and bonded. Make sure they follow safety precautions, such as wearing gloves while cleaning bathrooms and other areas where they may contact harmful cleaning products or bacteria. Hire a professional cleaner, ensure your safety.

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